Always Be My Maybe ★★★★

Take everything I love about "Master of None", "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" and "You're the Worst" and throw it in an Asian American blender. The formula is exactly what you expect - like "Crazy Rich Asians" - but that's the point, and also kind of besides the point. It is important for people to understand that Korean cooks use kitchen shears for everything. The all too appropriate commentary, on the ridiculously pretentious foodie culture plaguing us, is more than spot on. I wish DDK was better utilized, but our residual check holder did not disappoint. I'm curving this up a half a star because it propped me back up from the depths of despair, last night. Sometimes, a movie feels like it's speaking right to you. This was there for me just when I needed it. Now, I just need some mandu. This is simply rom-com comfort food at its humble finest.

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