Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★

I mean it's not "good" and Brad Pitt should be Chris Pine but it at least knows what it wants to be; is silly and stylish enough that I smiled more often than the last handful of screenings I've attended (Nope aside); Brian Tyree Henry is great; Joey King/Julia Goldani Telles are the same person and I will not hear otherwise; CGI is the most atrocious thing about it -- they clearly did not give a fuck and knew the cast was the selling point; Koji seems to be going full Eddie Redmayne with all the leaning. Considering I loathe both Guy Ritchie and Edgar Wright movies -- and refuse to acknowledge Deadpool's existence -- I was destined to hate this, so color me surprised. Although [redacted] and [redacted] should be barred from doing cameos for the remainder of their lives.

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