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  • Venom



    Conventional wisdom seems to have it that
    a. Venom has always been a lame character
    b. Venom (2018) sucks

    I am here to tell you that
    a. Since becoming aware of Venom as a kid in the early-90s I have thought he was a fun and cool character, albeit also goofy.
    b. This movie is some tasty trash, an honest-to-God B-movie with an untethered, charismatic, compulsively watchable performance at its center. And, while I can't explain the claim I'm about…

  • Burning



    Stephen Yeun is ethereal in this movie, floating through the world like a cloud through the sky. The movie would not work had his performance been pitched even slightly differently. This is a special motion picture.

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  • Gravity


    Likely the greatest technical achievement in the history of cinema up to this point. Also profoundly stupid. What a massive waste of talent and craftsmanship.

    Every time the plot builds any momentum it quickly undercuts itself with one or a combination of the following:

    a.) Insulting, hackneyed dialogue
    b.) Heavy-handed, manipulative, obligatory characterization
    c.) Murphy's law plot contrivances, over and over and over
    d.) Astonishingly casual sexism

    Perhaps the biggest problem is that the filmmakers know better. Alfonso Cuarón made…

  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War


    Cap/Bucky deserved their own movie, and it's a small shame we didn't get a true Russos-directed Winter Soldier follow-up. But honestly it's hard to complain when what we got instead might--might--just be the best Avengers movie, despite the misnomenclature.

    I'm waffling on five stars because it just doesn't quite achieve that level of pure, raw Winter Soldier greatness. But still, I love this movie.