Wrinkles ★★★★

A cold and harsh glimpse at the world of our elderly stuck in nursing homes.

The original version is in Spanish. As always i urge you to watch it in its true form and native language. Original is best! With subs you'll get there!

An old man in the early stages of Alzheimer is put in a home to be taken care of. There he is stripped of his humanity and individuality.
Shocked he sees the amount of people just sitting in chairs doing nothing all day. Complete zombies waiting to die, strangers to their families and strangers to themselves...
Making friends and battling his condition he wonders if he will ever get better or if he will end up in the dreaded top floor, where lost cases of people are put in.

The film is made to show how horrible life can be in such a place. A great foreign animated movie i loved to watch!

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