Parasite ★★★★★

I’ve officially been Parasite-pilled folks. First time seeing this, I really loved it but didn’t have the intense reaction that most were having at the time. I’ve sat on it for a few months and feel it absolutely warrants a re-watch, and well... issa goddamn masterpiece, and perhaps my favourite film of the year now (with The Irishman trailing close behind). Every scene and frame of this film is dripping with satire, metaphor, and symbolism that sets out to explore the parasitic nature of the relationship that the upper class have to the lower classes, exploiting their labor and treating them with ignorance and nonchalant, subtle disdain. I thought the film also brilliantly explored how badly the Kim family aspired to be like the Park family, even as they come to realise just lowly they are regarded by the Parks. Also, watching Crazy Rich Asians and Parasite back-to-back was an unexpectedly good double feature, if only to add more fuel to Parasite’s compelling tale of savage inequality.

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