Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

Double Feature: Sunday Funday with Zack Snyder's Zombie Movies

I wasn't expecting much from this, after all's a Netflix Original and its massive view of it on the platform always give me this opinion: whenever it's a good movie for some and bad for others it always affects its rating, people tend to watch this just because it's the "New Netflix Movie of the Week" not exactly thinking what genre it is, horror zombie in this case, or who it's behind the direction, Zack Snyder, and more details about it, so in any case even though it's not particularly for everybody, people tend to dismiss and devalue it for dumb reasons.

I found this above average, it has its cool moments fill with a great dose of violence, gore and black humor, it actually cracked me up so hard at the beginning with the opening sequence and some time later at the end. From all the three acts, the first and last one were pretty awesome, my problem with it was the middle part, overdeveloped and even boring and completely unengaging.

For a guy who dislikes Las Vegas, I mean ...I just find that place way too kitschy with a lot of bad taste in between and without not getting into details about it I liked seeing it destroy, LoL. The same happen to me in 'Godzilla' (2014) when that city gets wrecked. So just for that I'm giving it extra credit.

The opening was amazing, it truly felt like Zack Snyder, do you remember 'Watchmen'? He used the same tone, and that was awesome! Then the task and the team, that was also an engaging part, but all goes pretty messy when the characters separate and their stories take a yield. But after passing that part, 'shit' got real! And it was a blast!

Oh! And that ending part mentioning Mexico City, it cracked me up so hard once again. I wish to see a sequel involving the city I live getting destroy by zombies, that'd be pretty insane...

Ok! So it wasn't that good and it's overlength and many characters tend to drag the movie, but at the end I found it cool enough and very entertaining, mostly because it's a mix of a Zombie movie with John Carpenter's 'Escape from NY' kind of a thing, besides the dose of graphic violence was surprisingly great! ...Oh! And Zack Snyder rules, OK!?

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