Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' ★★½

This film is frustrating because it makes choices that ultimately mean nothing. First off, this film did not advance the story of the last one. If you take this film out of the canon, nothing really changes except Super Saiyan Blue and other minor elements that can be explained in later arcs. Speaking of, there's nothing that really separates Blue other than its concept and color. We actually realize how little Frieza's new power means and his resurrection in general, taking out the tension needed. It still has that classic Toriyama humor and the Z-Fighters together create a thrilling fight scene. However, Frieza doesn't feel like he's at his peak. The lessons Whis set up only apply to Goku in the finale and aren't explored further until the Tournament of Power and Super: Broly. This whole film feels like filler and Frieza should've been brought back only at the Tournament of Power. At least there, he feels like the charismatic tyrannical ruler we all know.

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