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  • PlayTime
  • The Red Shoes
  • American Graffiti
  • High and Low

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  • The Trial


  • Gone to Earth


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  • The Batman


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  • The Trial

    The Trial

    A real wonder -- one of those experiences I have only a couple of times a year of being instantly grabbed from the first frame and held completely for the whole duration of a movie. Welles filters Kafka's absurdism through a slight German Expressionist lens, getting incredible mileage out of the Eastern Bloc brutalist architecture standing in for a wasteland of mindless mass order and structure - that army of worker bee drones clacking away at their desks and then…

  • Gone to Earth

    Gone to Earth

    Nice chapter in Powell & Pressburger's lineup of Technicolor Fairy Tales, expanding on the sensuality and romanticism of BLACK NARCISSUS and THE RED SHOES, and pre-empting to some degree what they went on to do in THE TALES OF HOFFMANN, but this time exploring a particular folkloric atmosphere that's not that many steps away from the storybook fantasy of an early Disney feature or the kind of grown-up fairy tale that you could see Guillermo del Toro tackling, all of it…

Popular reviews

  • Tenet


    Wildly ambitious and admirable, but ultimately frustrating and exhausting. This is very much the director of THE DARK KNIGHT and INTERSTELLAR doing his own version of PRIMER. Take that however you'd like.

    Like INCEPTION, it's a film of mechanics and logistics, and like MEMENTO, there's a vague structural resemblance to an ouroboros, but it lacks the energy and mystery of either of them -- especially the way that INCEPTION piecemeals out the various machinations of dreamsharing without losing the forward…

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch

    Wes, you can't just sneak in a hand-drawn animated short into the middle of this movie's climax without expecting me to begin campaigning for you to direct a full-on hand-drawn feature -- c'mon now, the world needs it.

    Pretty sure my face broke from smiling during this. May not be Anderson at his most emotional resonant but it's him at the very height of his visual powers. The sheer imagination and inventiveness on display is exhilarating - ever since FANTASTIC…