Andrew Syder

Andrew Syder


From a long way off, looks like a fly.

Favorite films

  • The Landlord
  • Seconds
  • High and Low
  • The Holy Mountain

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  • The Prowler

  • Halloween Kills

  • Shock Treatment

  • Hellmaster

Recent reviews

  • The Return of the Living Dead

    The Return of the Living Dead

    A master class in making use of a limited number of shooting locations. Love how Dan O'Bannon and Jules Brenner move the camera in this one.

  • Hellmaster


    Clearly written by a "D" student in an undergraduate philosophy class who completely misunderstood Nietzsche's "God is dead" maxim. Master check-casher John Saxon gave them their money's worth, though. I have no idea what I just saw.

Popular reviews

  • Joker


    The polarized reception of this movie is pretty fascinating. I’ve seen some friends lauding it as an urgent, necessary indictment of our times and others lambasting it as a piece of garbage with no artistic merit and nothing of substance to say. For several reasons, this is a purposefully hard film to pin down, which might account for why it’s getting such a polarized reaction. Please forgive me, therefore, as I dust off my Ph.D. diploma and throw some theory…

  • Good Time

    Good Time

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Like Heaven Knows What, this is riveting, immersive filmmaking. The gritty influence of Cassavetes is still very strong here, but it also transforms itself into a dark, phantasmagorical comedy — something akin to After Hours.

    I found the structure of the film to be particularly interesting. We open on Nick (Ben Safdie) meeting with a psychiatrist. He clearly has a mental disability of some kind. Then his brother Connie (Robert Pattinson) pulls him out of the session and the next…