Ad Astra

Ad Astra ★★★★

I started the movie with a genuine curiosity. The world and it's scenes were captivating. It was simple enough to convey environment of science friction that also felt quite close to reality.

The colors of each location were beautiful. Mars was red and orange, it had an atmosphere of perspiration and sand. While Neptune had it scenes painted with a beautiful neon blue, every was either cold or uninviting.

I loved the score. It is easily the best part of the movie. Some tracks douse the film in a nostalgic longing benevolence. While some tracks turn it up a little and give you a touch of tension. I'm listening to it as I write this review.

It was a long film. Long enough for me to feel restless and thought it had pacing issues. But at the same time, the film brings about sense of isolation that overlaps the feeling of restlessness. It revels in it's own concept of being alone. It makes you feel comfortable being alone. So much so I felt some sort sympathy.

The plot is focused on a man's journey in finding not only his father, but the meaning of his own life. He seeks to know how to deal with his abandonment issues. He tries to figure out what has lead him to be this shut off and isolated from the world.

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