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  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure

    Pee-wee's Big Adventure

    That's a no. From me. Tho.

  • The Bourne Ultimatum

    The Bourne Ultimatum


    This gets buy almost exclusively on the fact it's one classy movie. But while its probably an even better made movie than the previous one in the series, its essentially the exact same movie again. But with most of the interesting stuff ripped out.

    Its a really simple story, which I'm almost always for. I'd take character stuff over plot any day. But the lack of story doesn't mean we get any character moments at all. What little interest Bourne…

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  • Scream



    In my mind, this is the movie Wes Craven was trying to make with New Nightmare but didn’t fully realise – though I know people seem to like New Nightmare more than I do. I love all the subversion and deconstruction of the genre in this series and from memory it’s never better than in this, the original movie. 

    It seems like the movie Craven was born to make and was essentially the only thing left for him to do…

  • LA 92

    LA 92



    The footage of Rodney King being beaten by police doesn't get any easier to watch with time. Either does the sight of not guilty verdicts being handed down for the cops. Or the sheer anger on the faces of everyone outside the courthouse, both white and black. Or the sight of old men crying at the news of the verdict because they've lived a long lifetime of this racism and abuse - and they just looked so tired.