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  • GoldenEye



    It’s weird to think that not a single Bond movie was released the entire time I was at high school. I had just graduated when this came out and, man, it was a huge deal. I was pumped for this and I remember liking it quite a bit at the time.
    And it has, for the most part, held up. It’s strange because I remember this movie feeling so modern at the time. And, after watching this series in order…

  • A Few Good Men

    A Few Good Men


    About as good as anything gets.
    A fantastic script, perhaps the best Aaron Sorkin has written – and he’s one of the very best screen writers, maybe ever. Great story, fun characters, quick-fire dialogue. It’s smart, funny and jammed with memorable scenes. It’s perfect.
    I love all the courtroom scenes, especially the finale. The lunch scene at Guantanamo Bay, the bar scene with Kaffee and Ross, the two little scenes with Kaffee talking to the guy who runs the newsstand…

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  • Scream



    In my mind, this is the movie Wes Craven was trying to make with New Nightmare but didn’t fully realise – though I know people seem to like New Nightmare more than I do. I love all the subversion and deconstruction of the genre in this series and from memory it’s never better than in this, the original movie. 

    It seems like the movie Craven was born to make and was essentially the only thing left for him to do…

  • Halloween: H20

    Halloween: H20


    This re-watch was a real treat. This was the first of the series I saw in the cinema and I loved it at the time. This was the first time I’ve watched it in what feels like forever and I’m glad it mostly held up.

    Before I start gushing about how much I love this movie, I should include a caveat – I have a homerish, nostalgic love for the Scream inspired horror renaissance of late 1990s. I have a…