Ghost ★★★★½

Yeah, it’s cheesy and textbook manipulative. And not all the performances ring true all the time. And not all the jokes land as intended. But if you can get through this movie without repeatedly rocking back and forth in your chair, hugging your knees and blubbering like an idiot – well, you’re a bigger person than me. 
Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore are both good but they’re a little inconsistent. Whoopi Goldberg is so damn likeable and entertaining in this that I’m totally okay with her winning the Oscar for this role over Lorraine Bracco in Goodfellas. And Tony Goldwyn makes a good villain, I pretty much hate him on sight long before we find out about his scheme.
I like all the fantasy stuff and Swayze mastering the skills of being a ghost, especially the scene in the subway when he’s getting tutored by the crazy ghost. The special effects, while obviously dated, are fun and I still love the effect of the shadows coming alive to drag people to hell. The overall plot is an absolute heartbreaker. And it must have been tempting to end this with a ‘six months later’ epilogue where Moore is recovering from her grief, but I love that it ends with Swayze ascending to heaven – right at the high point of our rocking back and forth, knee hugging blubbery.
We’re slowly re-watching the Bond series and re-watched From Russia With Love on the weekend. That was released 27 years before Ghost. And Ghost was released 27 years ago. That feels weird. Movies from the early 90’s don’t feel old to me. If a young person watched Ghost now would it look as old and dated as From Russia With Love looks to me now? I look forward to one day having a kid who will accuse me of constantly watching all these old movies but I don’t consider them to be old in the slightest.
And this movie made $505 million on a $22 million budget. I think we forget this movie was an absolute monster at the time.