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  • The Mule

    The Mule


    This should be called Clint Eastwood's Carpool Karaoke, considering how many scenes are shown of Clint Eastwood singing along to the radio. I loved that this movie got right into the meat of the story, with Clint going on his first mule run within the first twenty minutes. Clint Eastwood's performance makes him likable, and his character plays off of the tension involved with working for a cartel wonderfully. The filmmakers also seemed to shoe-horn in commentary on police brutality and modern cell phone use, but it just seems to be tacked-on.

  • Dumbo



    Dumbo has an extremely talented cast, but each character has less screen time as a result. I would have liked to see more of Keaton and Green, and a lot of characters aren't as developed as they could be. With that said, I found each frame of this movie visually beautiful, and the "Dreamland" part of the movie is designed spectacularly. Tim Burton's visual style made this film a joy to watch, and it kept me entertained throughout.

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  • Shazam!



    I didn't like this movie as much as others, and really started to feel the so-called "superhero fatigue" with this film. I can understand the opposing point of view that says it is funny and made for kids, but I just can't help but see the traditional origin story molds that this film replicates. Unlike Aquaman, which I thought had incredible visuals, this film looked average and didn't really pop. The villain's backstory and motives were great, but I thought…

  • Us



    The doppelganger aspect of this movie really made it stood out. When seeing Mission Impossible movies, the face mask scenes were always cool, and in "Us", they use the "confused identity" to craft some effective horror sequences. I really liked the social commentary that this film provides as well, but overall I still prefer Get Out, although this is a solid followup to it.