Nightcrawler ★★★★★

This is such a bold film. And relevant. In this exhilarating thriller we are sided with one of this grotesque disaster-media hungry societies super villains. This is an incredible performance by Jake Gyllenhaal. I said he was one of the best in the business after Prisoners, and since then I have seen this and Enemy, which only cement that opinion. Considering the horrible things Lou does, the fact that we have empathy, and respect, for this guy is extraordinary. He's endlessly fascinating.

It addresses a very prominent problem in today's media culture - but who is to blame? The person exploiting these victims, the network buying the footage, or us consuming it?

Very LA. It looks incredible, courtesy of PTA regular DP Robert Elswit, and all of Dan Gilroy's decisions hit the mark. The music, the casting, the ending. Everything.

Following a car chase the audience I saw it with at TIFF started clapping. That is something I have never experienced. This is a morally stressful experience.

IndieWire described it as a combo of Taxi Driver and Network. Collateral and Drive also come to mind. Anyway, it is in a league of greatness and it is never going away.

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