Sunshine on Leith

Sunshine on Leith ★★★½

A fully-fledged Proclaimers-influenced musical film, and it is a bloody good time. Director Dexter Fletcher, whose co-star in LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKIN BARRELS Jason Flemying appears in the film, makes a conscious effort to build the story around the lyrics of the songs and ensure that the musical numbers serve the development of the characters and aren't just genre-serving.

If it wasn't already clear after Paul Wright's outstanding debut, FOR THOSE IN PERIL, George Mackay can carry a film. The guy is a serious talent.

For the most part it is an absolute delight, but the dramatic turns are a back-to-reality punch to the guts.

A beautiful film that looks at relationships, both long and short term, and how they are influenced by the decisions we make, and the opportunities that life throws at us. For two guys who have returned from war, the effects of their trauma rears its head unexpectedly, and for a couple who have been together for 25 years, a loose secret can cause everything built to come crumbling down.

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