The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them ★★★★

Review of HER.

It has actually taken quite a while to process just how quietly stinging this beautifully crafted and emotional study of grief, sadness and displacement is. It is a showcase for the no-longer secret talents of a sensational Jessica Chastain, but the entire cast (including William Hurt, Viola Davis and James McAvoy) are excellent. Every relationship here is so accurately written and performed it is intoxicating to watch. As emotionally draining and devastating as much of this film is, there are joyous interludes of the central couple drunk in love, and some breaks for humour.

The opening sequence is a jolt to the system, and many questions are raised. Then, with effortless grace and through glamorous lenses, the answers are revealed. But, not too many answers, because we still haven't seen the dismantling of the relationship - and the events that follow - from HIS side. When I left HER I wanted to see HIM immediately, I might add. Instead I am deprived for nearly a week.

I can't imagine what the combined two-hour version ('Them') would be like, but I understand that they are an edited combination of the two 89-minute films. I can't imagine what would be left out, this is a fully-fleshed study, and an intimately rewarding drama about the tenuous relationship between the happiest and saddest moments in our lifetime, and how their unexpected closeness can drastically alter our lives forever. Some revelations will leave even the toughest of hearts swelling.