Knives Out ★★★★★

I must painfully admit that The Last Jedi is tainted for me because of how the trilogy ended. For a while, it was honestly my favorite film of the past ten years, at least. I watched it about once a month. I took its message, that the failures of the past is how we do better in the future, to heart. It filled me with hope, joy, and anticipation for the story's conclusion. Then we got such a shitburger of a final movie. I was, still am, pretty heartbroken.

Thankfully, just a month prior, Rian Johnson gave us Knives Out. I can't remember the last time I so instantly and overwhelmingly fell in love with a movie. I grew up knocking out mystery novels like it was my job (and hey, I did become a librarian). I've always enjoyed all-star cast ensembles. I'm a Massachusetts native, so this movie just feels like home to me. Then top it off with that patented Rian Johnson blend of humor, cleverness, big-heartedness, and stone cold fucking filmmaking skill. The man just knows what he's doing. I haven't even touched a Star Wars film since December. Knives Out has become by first choice for comfort viewing. Perhaps it's overstating things, but I feel like Rian Johnson saved my movie-going soul. I maybe, kinda hope he stays away from Star Wars from now on and does more of this (sequel confirmed, I know) and whatever other original ideas he comes up with.

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