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  • Divergent



    Another unimaginitive kindergarten sermon on class and control ... Ironically portrayed by white middle class folk.

    Set in a time where facial expressions are outlawed and any tension or drama is banned, "Divergent" features a standard set of standard PG traits as our class-busting heroin, Tris (played by Katniss Everdeen) beiges her way through "dystopian futures 101" with the help of the cast of "Streetdance", token brown girl, sweatless training montages, another predictable bird tatoo, hipster music from three years…

  • Noah



    During watching Noah, I took time out to look at Chausie cat breeds, properties in France and used DuoLingo to learn how to say, "He eats an apple, She eats an apple". I know what you're thinking, "Why learn Spanish when you're looking at properties in France?", well I will switch to french next week but in the meantime, learning how to say, "La manzana" is the only thing keeping me interested in Noah long enough to see the nice…

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  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy


    Gorgeous. Absolutely veteran filmmaking.

    I'm a huge fan of the "untold story" (as mentioned recently by Nicholas Winding Refn) and TTSS is strewn with off-camera action and tessellating untold 'plots' which are made apparent by some of the most masterful and controlled acting seen on screen in recent decades. TTS does follow strongly in the tradition of it's predecessor and it's considered pace only serves to heighten the tension.

    This is not a film for anyone expecting a Hollywood-action with…

  • Drive



    A brilliant, concise and hilarious Q&A with director Nicholas hasn't biased me at all. Drive was everything I expected; a push toward the ambient, punctuated with violence and beautiful tension.

    Very little dialogue (a step up for NWR from "Valhalla Rising") and artistic restraint serves to make each moment even more emotive and visceral.

    See it twice and notice those many moments where a true film maker's unique mark is being made.