Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube ★★

Cube is awesome, a hugely inventive low-budget sci-fi thriller about a group of disparate people trapped in a sort of giant rubik's cube filled with deadly traps. Also there was a surprising amount of maths.

The sequel looks to up the ante by introducing theoretical physics and removing anything that was interesting about the original. The new cube is a tesseract, a sort of four-dimensional cube. Now, I've got a Carl Sagan video cued up on Youtube where he explains this concept. Despite spending half the running time going through it, I'm not convinced I quite get it. The practical effect of this is that some rooms are slo-mo and in others, people run around doing chipmunk voices.

Oh, and all the cool traps from the first film are replaced with cheap CGI. Sometimes the walls go wibbly which is apparently very frightening. A guy has his head knocked off by a Windows screensaver. There are no flamethrowers to be seen.

It does have what is probably the weirdest sex scene in existence. So kudos for that.

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2/7 sequels, single location, extra credit

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