Heaven Knows What ★★★★★

No, the film does not romanticize drug use, but the film is romantic. Even when it's all screams and slamming on doors and fights on the street and carnal love made outside corner stores, the film adopts a darkly fond view of Arielle's life. The film moves at an appropriate pace, camera swinging back and forth in fights between addicts and lovers, yet just as well the camera lingers, leaving you to meditate on its complex love. Some of the most beautiful moments (a panning shot of New York to an organ, a cellphone thrown in the air to explode coincidentally with a firework) come after heated encounters. They are both maddening and entirely invigorating, because the shots are not objective (What is objectivity to the one who loves her addict boyfriend, who needs a "wake up" yet needs it so badly she'll fight for it?). The film is romantic.