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  • Tenet


    (I will begin the review by clarifying the star rating is not how "good" I thought the movie was, but how much I enjoyed it, and also that I saw the movie in a local theater that I trusted following every measure of protocol and safety.)
    Now to begin the review of Tenet, I will first review Dunkirk. Dunkirk is most likely what I will end up considering Nolan's masterpiece, despite not being my personal favorite of his movies. Dunkirk…

  • Badlands



    I think I really love couples crime movies. It takes already the high dynamics of an relationship and throws it into a volatile situation where character is fully realized, while also allowing for a high variety of theme and focus. Badlands takes the structure of the violent couples crime movie like Bonnie and Clyde but replaces all of the sexuality with an appeal toward nature, innocence, and coming of age. It is a fascinating couple movie because you can tell…

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  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    Sofia Coppola's best movie. A top 10 of the 2000s, possibly even of the century so far. It is truly a masterpiece. I love movies that don't just have empathy or make me experience empathy, but are fundamentally about empathy. This is a movie about two people learning to care for each other, despite their differences (possibly even because of them), and finding the common ground of loneliness and failed relationships. I look at it as a purely platonic movie,…

  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    This is the movie I knew Lynch is my favorite director. Usually once you have spent enough time and movies with a director, you begin to understand them and their motifs and symbols and having that template helps when you watch their best movies and can break them down fairly quickly. Lost Highway retains tons of symbols and motifs from Lynch's other movies with the Americana, industrialization, blue lighting, red curtains, dual personalities, and so many other things, but in…