The Nest ★★

A quasi-remake of John Carpenter's action masterpiece Assault on Precinct 13, The Nest begins promisingly enough, with a decent attempt to recreate the tension-building of the 1976 original. The setting this time is a warehouse within a vast industrial estate; the villains are the henchmen of a captured Albanian mobster; and our heroes an alliance of multinational cops and a criminal crew.

Quite quickly, though, The Nest loses its way almost entirely. As soon as the various factions become trapped together - which is to say, at the precise moment things should kick off - the film becomes infuriatingly aimless. The action scenes are passable at best, and in contrast to Carpenter's small but fascinating cast of characters, there are a whole host of bit-players, all denied a chance to shine.

The 2005 American remake of Carpenter's film (also directed by a Frenchman, Jean-Francois Richet) has its flaws but is far superior to this rogue rehash.