Joker ★★★

1. 'joker' is definitely a comic book movie and it's ludicrous that anyone involved in making it is trying to pretend otherwise

2. it is nowhere near as interesting thematically as it wants to be or thinks it is

3. whatever politics the film displays - which basically are no deeper than 'fuck the rich' and 'feeling ignored sucks' - are at least as much antifa as 'revenge of the loner incel white men'

4. almost everything you've read about it is completely overwrought imo

5. there was an nypd presence in the lobby of the amc lincoln square theater, which i've never seen before

6. the de niro stuff was waaaay overplayed in the trailers compared to the actual time his character has on screen (though the talk show scenes ARE pivotal)

7. unsurprisingly, phoenix is good

8. the second half of the movie is much better than the first

9. i lowkey liked it.

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