Knives Out ★★★★

probably the most fun i've had at the movies this year, but u do have to overlook (or at least be shruggy about) some of writer/director rian johnson's VERY tumblr/twitteresque political and cultural "statements," which can be eyeroll-inducing (hello, last scene of the film!) even if u generally agree with them...

anyway, that aside, it's funny and clever and has a fantastic cast that makes watching a family completely fall apart a total blast. toni collette, chris evans and don johnson* were the family-member standouts for me, but the film really belongs to ana de armas as the smarter-than-anyone-thinks nurse to the deceased (murdered?) patriarch, and daniel craig, who chews - and sometimes swallows - the scenery as the cajunesque private investigator.

*this is the second thing this year - "watchmen" being the other - that has left me wanting MOAR DON JOHNSON DAMMIT

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