Mission: Impossible - Fallout ★★★★½

I've enjoyed pretty much every M:I film, and promptly forgotten everything about them as soon as I walked out of the theater. So when I say that this may be the best pure action film I've ever seen, I'm not being a fanboi. There were set pieces throughout the movie that most action flicks would have been proud to have as their climax sequence; here's it's just "on to the next!"

The plot boils down to a cliche - bad guy with bombs wants to kill a bunch of people in order to topple the "old world order" - but somehow also manages to be smarter than the average summer blockbuster, and is filled with the fake outs and double-crosses we expect from the franchise. Oh yeah, and the masks, which are ridiculous and fun as always.

As for Tom Cruise, well, this movie depends on him the way the John Wick movies depend on Keanu Reeves; both franchises surround their lead with great actors who make the films better, but ultimately would be nothing without the total commitment their star brings to the table.

Go see this, on the largest screen (IMAX if possible) you can.

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