The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★★★½

yep it's great everyone is correct. it looks great, the score is great, elizabeth moss is great, the supporting cast is great, etc., etc., etc.

i really wish i'd been able to see it in a theater because my one complaint - which is in no way the fault of the movie - is that sometimes the only reason i knew about a lot of the "quiet rustling" and other sounds that signified someone invisible was in the room was because i had the subtitles on and they told me. i have a pretty decent sound system but i sometimes couldn't hear them at all, and i'm guessing they were super effective and creepy in a theater.

so happy for leigh whannell, whom i've been a fan of since his days working with james wan, and who seems like a genuinely nice guy (i.e., he follows me on twitter)

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