Wonder Woman ★★★★

Calling "Wonder Woman" the best DCEU entry doesn't do it ... justice. This movie mostly nails it from start to finish. It has some of the portentousness of the Zack Snyder films (and at times is visually reminiscent of "300") but unlike, say, "BvS," it's leavened with humor and, more importantly, heart.

Gadot and Pine have great chemistry, the supporting cast does its job ably (though some of the characters are cringingly stereotypical), and if the ultimate villain is maybe a bit underwhelming, it still works, because of the aforementioned "heart."

In particular, the first really big battle sequence - which kicks off in a not-too-subtly named "No Man's Land" - is crackerjack, showing us just how powerful Diana is, and what she fights for. It's expertly staged, and the best set piece in the film.

(Obviously, if I have one wish for the inevitable sequel, it's for Sung Kang to show up as Diana's potential love interest.)

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