Burning ★★★★★

If you've ever read Murakami's stuff before, or even if you've read a decent amount of short stories, you might be distracted at first by the familiar framing and assorted details that set up and guide you through the story.
But this movie is too good to be held back by any of that, and takes its time to make sure you know it's something else entirely, while still ending up at the only place it ever could.

Some additional observations in no particular order:

is Steve Yeun the only adult man who can pull off shorts?

seriously, Steve Yeun's KNEES!

Jeon Jong-seo plays at least three completely different types of ingenue throughout this movie, and I can't get over how, just in one movie, she proves she has more range than half the actors in Hollywood working today. Like this movie is so long, and I think that in part it's just to make the runway longer for Jeon Jong-seo to perform

I'm desperately curious if Yoo Ah-in slouches irl, because, in this movie, there are a couple of times when you can tell, oh he's actually like an actor because look how great of shape he's in, and the slouching helps hide it (related: his running gait/stride is fascinating, especially if he doesn't slouch irl)

the scene with the Dad's lawyer does everything so many American dramas try to do without laying it on too thick re: millennial generation/artists

love a movie with lots of driving

the reservoir shot is incredible

the multi-focus shots of smoking conversation are wonderful

the sunset dinner sequence could be it's own award winning film

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