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    Who said the trolley problem couldn’t be a trolley by the seaside??

  • Santa Claus: The Movie

    Santa Claus: The Movie


    Everyone gets one deeply flawed Christmas movie that they watched so much as a kid that it’s impossible to watch again as an adult with a critical eye, and this is mine.

    Even if that wasn’t the case, there’s a lot to genuinely love about this. John Lithgow acting to the rafters as B.Z., the flawless Henry Manchi score, basically every aspect of the set design, especially at the North Pole. They really don’t make bad movies like this any more.

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    When the two companies finally merged, it's clear Disney immediately installed a dedicated employee at Pixar whose only job is to be in every meeting repeatedly screaming IT NEEDS A TALKING ANIMAL AND AT LEAST ONE JOKE ABOUT BUTTS. So we're half a star shy because of that asshole.

  • 9/11: Inside the President's War Room

    9/11: Inside the President's War Room


    Absolute revisionist bullshit.

    May I be another voice in the chorus reminding anyone who wasn't alive to remember 9/11 and its aftermath that none of this is how it happened. These fuckers sunk their teeth into this unspeakable tragedy and used it to justify their deranged foreign policy agenda and to roll back every civil liberty they could, and they did so with glee. That not one of them suffered repercussions for it is yet another stain on this country's history.

    Fuck every single one of them.