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  • Roma


    Everything AC's been working towards. A fusion of his technical prowess and powerful emotional, character-based storytelling.

    Didn't vibe with the first hour, but have a feeling it'll get better on second watch.

    Last 45 minutes or so are devastating, like watching someone at their peak.

    Like pretty much all of his films, AC's the best because he rejects easy comparisons to other filmmakers. This is like his version of Neorealism right? Not an easy comparison though.

    Fabulous, really fabulous.

  • Burning



    Yeah I'm sufficiently shook.

    I admit I'm probably predisposed to liking stuff like this.

    Although I haven't read the short story, I'm a Murakami fan.

    I like movies that wrestle with ambiguity and use them as a tool for storytelling, as this one does here to a masterful degree.

    So impressed with the way the movie deals with generational angst and loneliness/isolation. I loved the three central performances a lot and felt they made this nearly 2.5 hours fly by.…

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  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    Dug it! First experience with MI, and don't worry if you're like me, things start falling into place pretty quickly, there's not really a lot of "lore" here. The thing I admire the most about this one is that there's such a wonderful tone that never loses seriousness or humor.

    Part of me just hates to do a raw contrast to Bond films, but where I think modern Bond has failed is that it tries to put sophistication over spectacle…

  • The Lobster

    The Lobster


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Okay I have more to say now, because a friend messaged me on Facebook, asking me if I thought he gouged his eyes out at the end of the movie. This is what I sent back to him, with a little more editing and addition.

    The whole reason we're not shown the result and left w/Rachel Weisz sitting at the table is because we're considering Colin Farrell's options. He can 1. Gouge his eyes out 2. Not gouge his eyes…