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  • The Little Things

    The Little Things


    This felt sort of like a dumber version of Far From Heaven or The Good German or The Artist. Let's take a movie they don't make any more and make it like they used to make it. Which results in Denzel and Rami chasing a man who kills women, a chic 90s plot. In the 90s, it would have been Clint and Denzel, and the race thing would have made it interesting; Clint would have directed; we'd look back it…

  • Sunday in New York

    Sunday in New York


    I've been wanting to see this every since I heard Karina Longworth discussing it on You Must Remember This. But it's kind of boring so far. Jane is a variation on the Doris Day character - virginal but in this case young and curious (see also Tall Story). Loads of innuendo - nobody knows what's going on and every conversation is about sex, in a movie where nobody has it. Jane was a movie star but not a megastar until…

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  • I Walk the Line

    I Walk the Line


    I wrote about this here:


    The 1960s were a pretty good decade for Gregory Peck, at least the first part. As he entered his fifties, Peck was the rare youthful Adonis who aged gradually rather than dramatically into a mix of paternal roles and sophisticated action films. Other hunks of his period – Kirk Douglas and William Holden, for instance – withered into stately raisins, while Burt Lancaster and Robert Mitchum began to look grey and grandfatherly. But, sort…

  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

    The Taking of Pelham One Two Three


    The blueprint for what I call the "schlubby" action movie, defined by its cruddiness and its lack of conventional heroes and villains. This one features one of the good guys saying about the stranded subway hostages, "what the hell did they expect for their lousy 35 cents - to live forever?" Our hero is Walter Matthau, and the cop in charge is Frank Costanza himself, Jerry Stiller.

    While the villain is played by a cool-as-ice Robert Shaw, so relaxed that…