Tenet ★★★

After watching I'm Thinking Of Ending Things last night I told my roommate “I think Charlie Kaufman is a masterful writer, but not a great director”. I‘m starting to think the reverse (😬) is true of Nolan. There’s always 50 pages of expositional jargon that doesn’t make things any more clear, and the rest is cheesy lines and characters I end up not really caring about. 

That said I’m a sucker for massive set pieces, charming actors (Apple doesn’t fall far for JDW, man!!),  Spielberg-y blocking and cinematography that cuts like butter. I think Nolan’s one of the most unique, intuitive directors working today. Wouldn’t mind seeing him taking a crack at someone else’s script again.

I’ll lean towards half-full, I had a pretty good time overall. Maybe I’ll be more critical on a second pass, but this was my first time seeing a movie outside my house in seven months and I’m still on cloud nine just being around other humans even if we’re in cars. I really missed it. Sharing a big, dumb, fun blockbuster with strangers was just what I needed. Racecar!

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