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  • Billionaire Boys Club

    Billionaire Boys Club


    This could of been good. But something just doesn’t click.... and we’ll kevin spacey.

    Love Ansel Elgort and taron egerton so I liked both of them in this film. But in no way shape or form did I believe elgort and Emma Roberts would ever be a thing. Their chemistry gave me a stomach ache.

  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation


    This is a film to both love and hate. It’s biggest flaw is it took too long to get to the point. The first half the film I felt dragged its feet where the last half hauled ass.

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  • Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

    Sierra Burgess Is a Loser


    Following Netflix Too all the boys I was actually really excited to see this.... super disappointed. I’m not one to hate on cliche movies or ones easily predicted but.... I don’t know. This could of easily of been a hit but is a miss. Found myself more interested in the female friendship then the romance, which would usually be okay but this was a Romcom.
    Will say rj cyler is still gold

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    Just a feel good flick. With beautiful scenes