Yesterday ★★

Despite its interesting premise and endearing cast, Yesterday was an absolute misfire from Universal Studios that failed to deliver from its early potential and promise. As a long time lover of The Beatles and Lily James, Yesterday was everything I could hope for in a musical rom-com that even featured a culturally diverse protagonist and cast. Yet, the film's small moments of charm (such as the Eleanor Rigby scene or the first studio/recording session) are overshadowed by the sloppy, underwritten screenwriting and confusing direction. Many of the stylistic shot choices (such as the use of canted angles and zooms in random moments) as well as some of the continuity editing are incredibly jarring and felt misplaced in a light-hearted rom-com and marketed crowd-pleaser. Ultimately, the film lacked heart. Yes, it is filled with The Beatles' greatest and most beloved hits; yet, somehow the core romance fails to inspire a feeling of warmth until the final montage.

Nevertheless, the one thing that came out of this film was the spread of the love and joy of the music and legacy of The Beatles. A world without The Beatles would be an infinitely worse one (even if the film often does not seem to show this). I hope everyone at least can enjoy the timeless songs and even if you don't enjoy the film or are disappointed like I am, as The Beatles said Ob-la-di Ob-la-da life goes on! Yeah!