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  • Dead Ringers

    Dead Ringers


    I wrote about Dead Ringers for Vulture, focusing on Rachel Weisz’s tremendous, career best performance. The series overall is a resplendent example of the feminine grotesque. The direction and cinematography is lush and precise. The acting is superb. It’s a lush, evocative, wild, feminist series that deserves to be studied and enjoyed. 

    Here’s an excerpt from the lede of my essay: Hearing Rachel Weisz say the word “cunt” is the auditory equivalent of biting into a piece of ultrafine dark chocolate. When it slips from her rosy lips — so languidly yet demanding of attention — I get a thrill: “Cunt.” 

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984

    hated having to write this pan. i wanted some joy instead i got a hollow story with terribly shot action and one of the most nonsensical plot lines i’ve seen in a while. 

    “Sadly, all that glittered in the franchise’s first outing is gone in Wonder Woman 1984. The disappointing sequel highlights not only the dire state of the live-action superhero genre in film, but the dire state of Hollywood filmmaking as a whole.” read my review at vulture. 

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  • T2 Trainspotting

    T2 Trainspotting


    What in the fuck was this white male nonsense?! Just laughable as it notes Ewan McGregor’s midlife crisis but then goes full throttle into him fucking a young as hell woman who has no interiority but becomes weirdly important to the plot. It could have been an intriguing portrait on the perils of nostalgia but once he decides not to return to Amsterdam the film becomes laughable. All slapstick silliness and white machismo gone to rot, but no soul. Also…

  • Trainspotting



    I hadn’t seen this in ages. But during this rewatch it was cemented for me that while this film is solid (good acting, specific atmosphere, unafraid of being gross as fuck), it is just not for me. I just couldn’t really give a fuck.

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  • Nope



    I was really disappointed in this. It’s far from bad, just absolutely shrug worthy. The writing fails the actors. I had little sense of Daniel Kaluuya’s character. He also turns in a remarkably sedate performance that I blame the writing giving him little to hold onto. Keke Palmer is given more to do on the emotional front due to her relationship with her father; she’s an utter, charismatic delight. But I overall felt the actors didn’t really get anything interesting…

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    What the fuck was this mess? Starts off fun but falls apart when it reaches toward something meaningful and revealing to say about the way men use and abuse women. Devolves into a “damn, bitches be crazy” story that obliterates the good will it engenders. Also, kinda chuckled at the framing of Thomasin Mackenzie’s lead character as quiet, yearning, and picked on by vapid mean girls. (And not a good chuckle, mind you.) Anya Taylor Joy innocent.

    It’s a shame…this…