I'm Your Woman

from my vulture review 

“The crime drama and its cousin noir are often misidentified as wholly, or at least primarily, masculine genres, where the bodies of women are soundboards off which the reverberations of toxic, masculine drives can be heard. But one reason I’m so taken by these genres is its women: The luminescent Sharon Stone in Casino. Michelle Pfeiffer, dangerous as a freshly sharpened blade, in Scarface. Gloria Grahame’s transcendent, tricksy appearances in everything from In a Lonely Place to The Big Heat. The magnificent yearning of Ingrid Bergman in Notorious. Jane Fonda moving with utter potency in Klute. Barbara Stanwyck descending the stairs in her introduction in Double Indemnity, revealing in each step the fatal pull of her character. But what happens when the emotional terrain of the film becomes their primary domain? What happens when these characters — who too often exist in the margins and are rarely granted the defining perspective — move to the center?

Julia Hart, who directed and co-wrote I’m Your Woman (which hits theaters on Friday and premieres on Prime Video on Dec. 11), seems to have these questions and their possible answers in mind and to be aware of not only the history of these genres but their possibilities.”