Run ★★

oooh, boy. this one wants to exist at the register of such fun schlock as the hand that rocks the cradle. but it doesn’t reach those heights. why are so many direct to streaming shows and films so fucking gray? do the cinematographers and others involved think by leeching a work of color and vibrancy it has more gravitas? 

there’s something galling about crafting a cinematic madwoman whose madness is so connected to her motherhood and failures therein. it’s not arch enough to be fun. it’s not cunning enough to explore the prickly undercurrents of this territory. sarah paulson has proven she’s a good actor in the past but she makes exactly the decisions you think she’s gonna make and i don’t mean that in a good way. actually all the acting is uneven and lacks the precision necessary for the film to work. the script is likewise rote and predictable. a regrettable saturday diversion.