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Scavenger Hunt 43 - October 2018

Here's my list for Wayne Little's Scavenger Hunt #43.

I'm a working Mom, so my realistic goal each month is to hit 50%.
Final Progress: 10/31 = 32%

Tasks (also listed in movie details):

1. Choose a movie from the host's list of 5* Movies.
2. Choose a mini-series.
3. Choose a movie you could watch with your family.
4. Choose a movie that has controversy attached to it.
5. Choose a movie in which Denzel Washington stars.
6. Choose a movie from your DVD/Digital collection that you haven't seen.
7. Choose a coming-of-age movie.
8. Choose a movie in which Christopher Lambert stars.
9. Choose a movie off the first page of your shuffled watchlist.
10. Choose a movie…

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There are no documentary films in this list released in 1934.