Angelo Clausner

Angelo Clausner

“Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.” ~ Robert Altman

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  • She Done Him Wrong

    She Done Him Wrong


    A stylish, albeit dismal, Mae West feature 

    Mae West was and remains a Depression-era veteran of the burlesque, vaudeville, and Broadway scenes by the time her first film Night After Night (1932) was released to the public. A mostly unknown Paramount feature to the general public, the aforementioned film gave the legendary Brooklyn-born West but a few minutes to share her talent with the cinematic world. However, it wouldn’t be until her next film that she would get the chance…

  • Alexander Nevsky

    Alexander Nevsky


    A propaganda film. An anti-war feature. A true masterpiece epic.

    More than a decade after the release of his breakout silent propaganda films Strike (1925) and Battleship Potemkin (1925), Soviet auteur Sergei M. Eisenstein and cinema had gone into the talkie age. Yet, Russia was still in a state of great distress and upheaval as it had been during the time of the release of the two aforementioned groundbreaking productions. Terror had struck when in 1938, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin…

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  • Mirror



    Spell-binding visual poetry

    Film is at its most challenging, yet most compelling, when a filmmaker nearly shakes the foundation of what the art form is perceived as to its core. The structure of film and its usual narratives are thrown out the window and completely reshaped to mold a new type of cinema as a whole. This move may be too adventurous and fiercely ambitious to some at first, yet it is often revered in many circles of film buffs…

  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes


    A gorgeously dark ballet homage

    American essayist Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation. It is because most settle instead of following their desires.” 

    Everybody has a desire somewhere within them just begging to be brought to fruition. Whether such be of a short term or long term nature, one’s true desire is often quelled in search of a “better,” more rewarding ambition. This drive to find a higher ambition often begs the question: What…