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  • Kamen Rider - The Next

    Kamen Rider - The Next


    Not sure why they tried to make this heavily a J-horror film, and not just in the aesthetics like ZO, but like actual horror suspense and plot elements. It feels really weird for a hero movie and all, but for what it was, it was fine, lot more energy and life to it over its predecessor though, thank god.

  • Kamen Rider - The First

    Kamen Rider - The First


    I think I’m being awfully generous for this, maybe I’m fixating too much on Inoue’s credit, not wanting to give this a lower score than Kiva, but god, this is so lame.

    The storytelling is just completely apathetic - slow pacing, low energy mood, almost no suspense, barely any plot build-up, unfeeling editing, sparse, weak action, every actor looks bored out of their minds, shallow characterization, just totally sleep-inducing.

    I wouldn’t be so upset if this wasn’t intended to be a…

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  • Dunkirk



    This is what counts for a film these days? 

    Like, yeah there's a few tense moments, but you can't make a 100 minute film about an event following 3 perspectives and don't characterize them like at all and just have a lot of plot-less "tense" scenes. I don't want to watch 100 minutes of a bunch of nobodies shooting people, being shot at, and rescuing people, there's nothing to it, I simply don't care. It's just a bunch of action…

  • 5 Centimeters per Second

    5 Centimeters per Second


    After sampling a few of his other works, (Garden of Words and Voices of a Distant Star) I was unimpressed by Shinkai's narrative style; it never seems to find meaty writing and a balance in pacing - with Voices of a Distant Style being far too rushed in general and Garden of Words taking it's leisurely time with scenery porn and asinine slice of life events and then springing forth in urgency with a sudden (somewhat manipulative, obvious and contrived)…