Knight of Cups

I haven't found the pearl to this film yet - that complete tangible form that binds all the narrative strings, ideas, images and moments of this film (which could probably be attributed to any Malick film, but it is put so eloquently and exactingly here) into a cohesive beauty, but I'll certainly give it another viewing soon (perhaps even again today).

And really, that seems to be at the crux of what his films are all about - all the magic at play reaching a point of clarity and wholesomeness; this is a good film to punctuate his oeuvre and trademarks I think, even if they feel a little different and even alien to his mannerisms.

To the nitty-gritty though, I think structurally I can't see it besting To the Wonder and Days of Heaven really and it plays out with more easy familiarity to stuff like La Dolce Vita, Showgirls, etc with stuff on celebrity and hedonism compared to the bigger differences between To the Wonder and its similar predecessor L'avventura but it might end up in the high echelons of the films I've seen once I unpack it.

Great way to start the year (I also began it on the 31st, but finished it today so, nice endcap to the year too you could say). Even now I'm piecing bits together.

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