Lightyear ★½

I have grown up with Pixar throughout my entire life, and I've always been in awe of what this studio could achieve not just in animation, but in story telling. They hold a certain higher calibre than the other western animation studios. So it's kinda shock how just empty this movie is.

In truth my expectations weren't that high to begin with. It kinda just looked whatever, but I didn't expect it to have nothing of value. This movie just... exists. Like it doesn't set out to achieve anything that a movie should, it's just another forgettable Disney product. Written without care or passion, and with only the money in mind. Which hilariously backfired because this couldn't break even at the Box Office. 

And I refuse to believe that this was Andy's favourite movie from 1995, as the opening would lead you to believe. Any child watching this would be bored stiff, there's none of that 90's Sci Fi goofiness that could have made this movie a lot of fun. It's like they took the bare minimum from the Buzz Lightyear mythos, and just made it into the most mundane thing imagine. Yet they couldn't even get it right, because they ruined Zurg, and somehow he was the only slightly interesting character. 

I mean, it's very well animated and all that, but that's not enough these days. If you really want a Buzz Lightyear origin, watch Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. It's very similar to this, except it's actually fun to watch. 

Anyway, thanks for reading. :)

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