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  • Verotika



    "The Room" of horror films. Either the worst horror film or greatest comedy I've ever seen. I'm not quite sure. I'm just glad it's over. Also, I really want the five dollars back that I spent on renting this.

    Ze Neckbreakeur! Heh, nevermind I'm happy with my rental.

  • Byleth



    My Severin Collection Overview #2

    I've heard people say this is one of the worst and most boring releases Severin has put out. I couldn't disagree more. While yes, it is true that it's a bare bones release with no special features and an absolutely awful looking print that they used for the transfer, for some odd reason the film really resonated with me. It was really strange with an almost surreal quality to it, and I just couldn't take…

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  • Shocking Dark

    Shocking Dark


    My Severin Collection Overview #1

    Shocking Dark? More like Shocking(ly) Bad. I actually fell asleep while watching this, and had to rewind to where I left off after I woke up. The main problem with the movie is that it's very boring. Out of the hour and a half run time there's maybe 25 minutes give or take of any sort of action. In an interview extra on the Severin Films release, the screenwriters say they don't like the film…

  • Better Watch Out

    Better Watch Out


    It's best to go into this knowing as little as possible, and depending on how well you can suspend your disbelief, the twist will make or break the movie for you. The most spoiler free way to describe this movie would be if Funny Games and Home Alone concieved an illegitimate love child, this would be that movie. Equal parts mean spirited and hilarious, every time the movie almost went overboard with some mean spirited nastiness it would dial it…