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  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury -『PROLOGUE』

    Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury -『PROLOGUE』


    Oh man I really hope the rest of the series is like this. I am a big UC fan and have seen all of UC and I haven't really seen a lot of modern gundam so I definitely liked the feeling of this. The closest I can think of is modern UC like unicorn. I hope they don't have a lot of school crap and there will be more war and politics, I just gotta feeling since the mc looks…

  • Return of Ultraman

    Return of Ultraman


    *EDIT* The full show is now on letterboxd here: boxd.it/yVdS
    Thanks @Allosaurus236

    I’m gonna use this as my entry for finishing Return of Ultraman, since I can’t find or add the show. I really enjoyed this season but maybe not as much as Ultraman and Ultraseven. I think it did have great episodes like episode 33 The Monster User and The Boy where things get a little more serious and the show tackles very real issues like discrimination while still…

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  • Annabelle



    I think the best part of this whole movie was listening to the amount of "Aww hell naws" that came out of the audience. Man I like horror movie but damn they always bring out the worst people in theatres. There was some fucking starbucks white teenage girl in front of me who could not stop checking her phone and snapchatting. I mean, JESUS CHRIST, about 3 times throughout the movie you could see the flash from somebodies camera on…

  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    For me at least as an IT guy it's always nice to see a movie that has something to do with computers that isn't just some shit that came out of the writers ass. Kind of like this.

    The Social Network is about how Facebook came to be, told through the two lawsuits that Mark Zuckerburg was involved in during the 2000's. The story is told beautifully through sort of flashbacks that occur during the lawsuit. I usually don't like…