Favorite films

  • Suicide Club
  • Pastoral: To Die in the Country
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • After Life

Recent activity

  • Ping Pong

  • Hard-Core

  • Saltburn

  • I Have No Memory of My Direction

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  • Saltburn


    lives were changed (mine)

  • I Have No Memory of My Direction

    I Have No Memory of My Direction

    A travelogue of non-existent memories from the past reconnected to the present by the author's own imagination, Onodera creates her own reality of a Japan she had not known before that point.

    The intimate narration transforms the journey into a secret diary filled with private, messy thoughts and emotions trying to find a direction in a landscape that is both familiar and unfamiliar, passing through both personal memories and the collective subconscious of history tightly wound together.

    Screening opportunity by Collaborative Cataloguing Japan.

Popular reviews

  • Hold Me Back

    Hold Me Back

    I've always thought I was better on my own. I can be myself with me, I can think whatever I want, I can stop worrying about all the little things like my appearance, my laugh, the volume of my voice. I can do what I want without wondering if the other person's enjoying my company, if they like the film or show I suggested, or if I said something stupid. I don't have to fill any silence like the whole…

  • MIGNON 민용

    MIGNON 민용

    jesus died so I could watch this korean vampire gay porn on a friday evening in 2023 thank you jesus!!! amen!!