• Cherry Blossoms After Winter

    Cherry Blossoms After Winter

    It's cute but not good enough to compensate for how plain and stiff it is, unfortunately.

  • Smile


    Horror only has to tap into what you're specifically scared of and sometimes that's enough. This shit had me genuinely terrified AND has really great monster design, so it's a win for me. Good night!

  • Occult


    when they namedropped Kurosawa Kiyoshi I was like "no fucking way" and then he actually showed up.

  • Unsolved Cases

    Unsolved Cases

    Went back to watch this after watching Beautiful Dreamer. Unfortunately it's not quite as well-rounded as the film is - the cinematography is mostly standard bangumi stuff, and most of the episodes range from kinda fun to unconsequential. The last 4 episodes are pretty strong however, which is a great lead to the Phantom special (I'll get to it soon) and the film. Strangely enough for a mystery show, its real strength isn't so much its plot as it is…

  • A Portrait of Jogen

    A Portrait of Jogen

    A rather intimate yet just as experimental look at the man himself, Jonouchi turns the transformation of his own self into a performance. Not my favorite work of his, but it's always nice to put a face to a name.

    [Courtesy of the Collaborative Cataloguing Japan]

  • Imperial Hotel

    Imperial Hotel

    A short that acts as a sort of closing statement to Hi-Red Center's Shelter Plan performance, Jonouchi makes the destruction of the building where it took place seem part of the act, as if it had been orchestrated by the group itself.

    [Courtesy of the Collaborative Cataloguing Japan]

  • Fatal Frame

    Fatal Frame

    a film for the gay j-fashion girlies only

  • Ringu 2

    Ringu 2

    While I prefer Rasen as a sequel, this is still pretty effective and well made, and fits the atmosphere of the first too. I love the procedural aspect of it the most. It's interesting because this story has been sensationalized a lot in the west, but originally these films are very lowkey and gravitate towards heavy emotions rather than shocking content, with a considerably slow pacing and very muted color grading, which is honestly what makes them so great.

  • Moonage Daydream

    Moonage Daydream

    A documentary outside of time and space, perfectly befitting of a man long perceived as an extraterrestrial, an existence outside of humanity. Yet he was maybe as human as he could've ever been; he lived far away from boundaries and societal rules, unapologetically himself, constantly transforming into something new, and never dictated or controlled by others. A way of life so rare we could only see him as an alien, an anomaly, even if he was the essence of what all humans should be.

    Miss you David Bowie.

  • Keizoku: Unsolved Mysteries - Beautiful Dreamer

    Keizoku: Unsolved Mysteries - Beautiful Dreamer

    A shockingly incredible fever dream of a film, yet still slightly unaccessible, especially if you're not familiar with -or a fan of- this very specific type of surrealistic tone and uncanny type of comedy specific to 90s-00s Japan.

    Keizoku - Beautiful Dreamer is based on the TV show Keizoku, an investigative mystery series similar to the likes of TRICK (2000, also directed by Tsutsumi) and the later Jikou Keisatsu (2006, which employed famous nonsense directors such as Sono Sion and…

  • Occult Bolshevism

    Occult Bolshevism

    There's some real potential in there, especially for atmosphere. Some scenes and imagery are truly frightening with a great use of framing and empty space, but most of the background plot devices are absolutely pointless and would've benefited from a simpler approach.
    I love the random japanese bolshevik representation though, that moment where they start singing to the stalin-lenin portraits was so random lmao

  • Galaxy


    Jean Cocteau 🤝 Adachi Masao
    Gays exploring the intricacies of their
    identity through the mythology of dreams