Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★½

David Lynch on numerous occasions has refused profusely to delve into 'Mulholland Drive' and explain what his intentions were or what the film's meaning and true interpretation really is. Online, you can find numerous different interpretations and theories, from established film critics to the actual stars of the film. This alone showcases just what kind of film 'Mulholland Drive', with a surreal narrative creating a widely interpreted story filled with ambiguity. For some, this will instantly turn people off but the film is full of mystery and tension that makes it entirely compelling.

From the offset, Lynch creates an abundance of mystery, a car crash following an attempted assassination the perfect set up to create intrigue with little dialogue. The mystery only continues to build, with revelations and dream sequences adding intrigue and importantly, tension. Within the opening couple of scenes, Lynch creates many ties with characters with fluid camerawork and an eery silence putting you directly in the character "Rita's" position, perfectly encapsulating the paranoia she is feeling. An interesting use of a jump scare in a dream sequence also adds to this, with the slow camera movement from the character's perspective setting up early that a threat can come from anywhere, even in bizarre form.

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