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  • Risk



    Most of the readings of this film out there seem rather pedestrian to me, either taking Assange's statements to be the film's sole text (completely discounting Poitras's role as director, and the choices she makes) or viewing nuance and complexity as inferior to hardline sectarianism.

    It's true that those seeking a redo of Citizenfour's definitive call to arms will be disappointed, but that seems to be by design: by splicing footage from her previous film into this one, Poitras emphasizes…

  • Frantz



    Found this a really nice, surprisingly classicist Lubitsch remake until it turned out that there was an entire hour left. Not even Paula Beer's captivating performance can redeem the second half's aimless hodgepodge, which eventually culminates in a completely unnecessary revelation followed by some bad riffing on Rules of the Game and a hurried, mostly unearned emotional climax.

    As far as movies about powerful women who wield empathy and compassion against the divisions of World War I go, 2017 has seen better.

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  • Everybody Wants Some!!

    Everybody Wants Some!!


    A few scattered thoughts:

    I remain eternally confused by the widespread assertion that the notions of Richard Linklater as

    a) someone who makes movies with a shallow, predominantly white male perspective
    b) one of the greatest American filmmakers working today

    ...would somehow have to be mutually exclusive. This film is an excellent example of how both can be true.

    There is a terrible scene at the end where the movie decides to take a break while the two romantic leads…

  • I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore

    I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore


    Perfect as an anti-capitalist polemic, similarly competent as a morality play, and disappointingly wonky when it tries to reconcile these two aspects with each other. Blair eventually realizes that he doesn't know what to do with the pieces and bails to instead wrap it up with some thinly-sketched out boilerplate stuff about friendship. 

    The comedy and action bits are executed in a terrific fashion, too bad that the sum of those devilishly entertaining parts doesn't amount to a whole lot. Really promising debut feature that is all the more infuriating because of just how close it comes to greatness.