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  • We Can't Go Home Again

    We Can't Go Home Again

    All the cool kids know when a film hits peak Not For Me. This is like if someone threw Out 1 and the collected works of Chris Marker into a blender and pasted the result together into a film that was then projected on the side of a building and filmed again.

  • Person to Person

    Person to Person


    Feels like a less story-driven version of something Wayne Wang and Paul Auster might have cooked up, and (as a result) feels extremely slight and aimless. I guess it was fine while it was on, but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Under Capricorn

    Under Capricorn


    Too bad this isn't a very good film, because if TCM's print is any indication, it's badly in need of the sort of restoration a mediocre film is unlikely to get, regardless of its fine pedigree. Suffice to say, Hitchcock's second outing with Cotten and Cronyn (this time in the writer's chair) is not the success the first was. Hitchcock often seems to suffer in period pieces (Jamaica Inn is another sub-par example), and here all of the facade and…

  • The Pumaman

    The Pumaman


    ♫ Pumaman, he flies like a moron ♫