The Blue Gardenia

The Blue Gardenia ★★½

Lang really had a love/hate thing for newspapermen, eh?

Anyway, this is a decent, if melodramatic, noir. Baxter's performance hasn't aged well, to my mind... kind of wish Sothern were the lead, here! Conte makes for a bland male lead, with what little we see of his pal Al (Community's Richard Erdman) seeming more amusing. Burr's horrible womanizing victim is a bright spot in his few scenes, as well. Otherwise, though Lang adds a few flourishes and Musuraca makes things nice and dark, the story just doesn't work and practically shouts "DON'T WORRY, TWIST COMING" from the start.

Give me a movie where Erdman and Sothern court and trade quips, and I'm in. This, less so.